Lifelong Learning with Kay:

Living a Life with Purpose and Creativity

Hi, I'm Kay...


Make artful things infused with joy.

I’m a retired business owner, author, artist, coach, philanthropist, and lover of the Kaizen-Ikigai Lifestyle.

My passion is sharing the wisdom I acquired throughout my life journey with others who want to empower themselves and turn every day into a happy day … this takes daily practice in making artful things infused with happy thoughts. 

Let’s discover your Kaizen-Ikigai … Your passion, gifts, values, possibilities, and bring it all together to create a better world for yourself and others!

My Blog

Become an Angel for the Animals, Year 14!

Feb 27, 2024

Welcome, 2024 ... Y ear of the Dragon!

Jan 25, 2024

Kay's Blog

Lessons learned, add creativity to your life journey to create a happy day...every day. 


Kaizen / Ikigai Philosophy

Kaizen - Life-long learning in small, incremental steps. Ikigai - Reason to get up every morning.

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Artful Giving Community

Join our affordable membership. A place to heal, and feed your soul as we learn the skills of creativity and art-making.



Yumi's Life Lessons, Keiko's Journey, and Swimming Upstream in a Downstream World


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I offer a limited selection of hand-painted art plus other small treasures of arty gifts.

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Kay's YouTube Channel

Come and learn with me! Everything to get you started in your creative journey.

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