Ode to World Peace

life wisdom Mar 09, 2022

Hi, I just want to reach out to you today.

I know how heavy the recent days have been for all of us.

I’m sure that thoughts like, what can we do, how can we help, and how to make sense out of it… made us feel so helpless and despondent.

I too have been feeling so sad for Ukraine’s people and the world for having to take on this unjust fight.

It’s hard to stomach that people in Ukraine are putting themselves on the line to save their freedom and we in the U.S. have been fighting over masking.

I remember reading something like this...

. “If we feel sad and lost, we can still show up by sending our voices out through creativity”.  

This is what I believe:

Creativity is powerful… when they’re shared with others, your feelings can be understood, and it helps others to understand their own feelings.

When we sit down and make something with our hands, it calms our nerves and will bring joy to our hearts.

When we send our gifts to others, it can bring understanding, the feeling of peace, and renewed enthusiasm to their day.

I recorded a little video tutorial, “Birds for Peace”.

I’d love for you to watch me draw and paint a flock of birds, flying for peace. I'm planning to make six cards and send them to people that need their spirits lifted during this difficult time. Painting repeat designs are simple, meditative, and calming. Come and paint with me. 

I encourage you to make something with your hands. It doesn't matter... make what brings you joy. The powerful part of your hand-made gift, if given, is that it can bring joy to someone who needs love, support, and encouragement during this difficult time.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away". -Pablo Picasa-

I'd love to hear about your ideas on how to spread peace in our world. Please write it in the comment section below.

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