I'm Back!

philanthropy Nov 21, 2023

It's been a while since I've communicated with you. I hope your life has been going well. My life continues to take me through the ups and downs of living. I know yours hasn't been any different.  One big change in my life is the closure of my business in May (Studio 904 Hair Design), which I've operated for over forty years! It was a big change for me. I've been a passionate entrepreneur for many years, and I must admit I felt sad, lost, and uncertain. My life has changed a lot, and it took a while, but I'm back on track. I love having the time to work on my creative passions, like making ART.  I have more time to concentrate on contributing my gifts and skills to help the world and give a helping hand to those needing love and support.
Latest news!
Since MoMo was rescued from the horrible conditions of the Korean Dog Meat Market and I was able to adopt her and give her a loving home, I feel more committed than ever to providing as much as I can to the animal rescue organizations to help them continue their work.
I have been hosting my animal rescue fundraising program in my salon for the last 14 years. Since I closed my salon, I have been sad thinking about not being able to raise money for the animal rescue this year. Without the salon, how would I continue this vital work? Then, on one sunny August day, an idea popped into my head as  MoMo and I went for a walk. I asked MoMo, as she gazed up, catching my eye, "Why not ask Aljoya Sr. Living if they would let me hold the event?”
So I asked, and they said YES! I think MoMo had something to do with this. Do you think?
So here we go ... my team and I are working like madwomen to build a successful "Angels for the Animals"   event.  We will set up a Pop-Up Gift Store in the Aljoya lobby with collections of Artists (including me) and entrepreneurs participating by offering their unique handmade gift items.
I hope you will come with your family and friends and support this fun-filled event.
Saturday, Dec. 2    10:00 - 4:00


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