Happy 2023 + a Gift for You!

Jan 06, 2023

What an amazing year this has been. It was a hard year full of health challenges and life changes within myself and many people in my personal life and career. Through the hard times, I gained insights and moved forward. I practiced the Japanese philosophy, Ikigai (why I get out of bed every morning), and joy came out of the darkness. For that, I’m grateful.

What is my Ikigai?

Getting up at 6:00 AM, even in the winter’s darkness.

Brewing a cup of coffee and enjoying every sip of it, sitting in at my desk facing a large window.

I dabble in my watercolor paints and do my daily practice of doodling. This sets my day up with a feeling of excitement…wondering what kinds of magical moments will come my way today. It opens my mind up and allows me to see the beauty in things around me.

Soon the day breaks, and I can see other early risers walking their dogs on the street below my window. Seeing the comradery between humans and their beloved pets gives me a warm feeling. I whisper, “Lucky dogs”.

When I hear the birds chirping and fluttering in the tree branches in front of my window, I’m ready to step into my day, waiting for “magical moments” that will lead me to enjoy and learn from every minute of the day! 

Oh, I forgot to say, my dog MoMo comes into my room, sits beside me, and scratches my knee. This means, ” I’m ready for our walk!”.

I’d love to hear what your Ikigai is. Can you share it with me?

What did I do in 2022?

Administrator and teacher for the Artful Giving Community

2022 has been a year of teaching and making new connections with students. I had the most amazing time teaching the wonderful members of the Artful Giving Community. I concentrated on my teaching method, step-by-step in small incremental steps. It amazed me that everyone made so much progress in their creative art-making and shared their art and messages with the world! A big surprise for me was that I saw so much growth in myself as I researched and practiced to prepare for my classes! 

Learn more about this wonderful community here

SCORE Mentor for the Small Business Administration

I worked with many amazing clients as a Business Mentor for the Small Business Administration (SCORE). I helped them with “What’s my business’s passion and mission”, how to manage finances and how to find my ideal clients, build a mailing list, and write inspiring email news. Helping to launch new entrepreneurs into starting their own businesses gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Learn more about SCORE’s Business Mentoring Program here

Business Owner: Studio 904 Hair Design

My business, Studio 904 Hair Design, located in Mercer Island, WA. not only gives our clients beautiful haircuts, colors, and styles… We finished off the year with another outstanding fundraiser for the Animals called Angels for the Animals. It was our 14th Annual fundraiser for Animals in need. Thanks to our loyal clients, we were able to raise $7,000. Donation!

Watch the Angels for the Animals Fundraising video here

Studio 904 Hair Design

So Grateful for You

Last but not least, I want to thank you, my blog readers, for being here with me throughout the year. I appreciate your interest and support in reading what I have to say and sending me messages about how your life coincides with mine. Sharing and supporting is what it’s all about.

A Gift for You!

I spent my holiday season making a gift for you…a special 2023 Calendar filled with original images of the art we made in the Artful Giving Community. I hope it will bring you joy and inspiration throughout 2023! You can download your calendar here.

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