Dec 10, 2023


I appreciate your interest in what's been happening with me since my salon closed in May 2023.

I'm still the energizing bunny that you remember me as. My big fundraiser for animal rescue took place on December 2 at Aljoya Senior Living. I worried that I wouldn't be able to get people to support this event, so I worked very hard to get the word out. It was a huge success! Many people attended, and I received so many comments that they enjoyed it. To date, we have raised $2,800. 

So here is a card showing appreciation to you from me and the animals...

I designed and created a 2024 Calendar filled with my art images this year. I have a limited amount (only 20 calendars) that I can sell to raise more donation money for the animals. If you purchase a calendar, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Ginger's Pet Rescue to help with their rescue programs. The calendars are $35. (tax and shipping are included in this price). If you want to purchase this calendar for a good cause, please email me at [email protected] and let me know if you would like one.  I will send you a link where you can donate. Would you like to see this calendar page by page? 

Please take a look.

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season. Let's try to keep it peaceful joyous, and be thoughtful to others.

PS - This will be the last email to my salon's contact list. In the following email, I will ask if you are interested in hearing from me in 2024. If not, I will provide you with the link where your name can be deleted from my mailing list. 

Kay Hirai

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