Welcome to Artful Giving Community


Welcome to the Artful Giving Community


What if...

There was a community that was designed for those who enjoy creativity and are committed to living a life that is aligned with your personal values?

Where you can learn to spark your imagination and explore your creativity, and develop your skills in small incremental steps?

A nurturing and inspiring community to support you and let you know that you are exactly where you should be right now.

Where you can receive weekly ideas, tips, tutorials, and encouragement to make your own greeting cards and gifts to share with the world?

You can encourage love and kindness...to create a happy day for the special people in your life?

You can do this, you have the power within you to make every day a happy day, filled with magical moments of creating color, design, and self-care.





Welcome to the Artful Giving Community!

I am so excited to announce this membership community designed for people who enjoy creativity, positive thinking, and self-care.

The idea behind Artful Giving Community is to involve oneself in a unique and creative journey to make beautiful but simple, hand-made treasures that are identified by your own personal brand. The end result would be to teach or share your art with people around you and bring true joy to their lives – something that is much needed in these current, uncertain times.

What can you expect in this community?

  • The joy of being a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • The joy of working together with others to learning from each other.
  • The joy of building skills and getting better.
  • The safety of being vulnerable and navigate challenges together.

The Artful Giving Community is also an environment that focuses on the philosophies of Kaizen-Ikigai. 

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that values lifelong learning in small incremental steps. Ikigai means “a reason for being” or “a purpose to life.”

Although seemingly different, Kaizen-Ikigai is a concept that is very much in harmony with each other in its underlying process of continuous improvement, living a life of purpose and giving back to the world.



These are the kind of projects & gifts
we'll create together...

We set values and goals to create the discipline of daily habits, the Kaizen-Ikigai way.

We learn lifelong in small incremental steps, creating good daily habits and staying organized. then we take action ... sitting intentions for the reason to get up every morning to do what we love to do.  

We keep our minds creative and hands moving every day.

We learn and practice using simple art supplies such as colored pencils, watercolors, markers. We recycle and transform everyday things like brown paper bags from our grocery stores into little art treasures!

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to share with the world.

We believe that what you make with your hands and hearts are beautiful and can transform into thoughtful gifts that you can share with the world.


What Our Members Say

Jean Nishi

I never thought I was creative until I joined Artful Giving Community. In this safe place, I learned to eliminate the word perfection out of my vocabulary. I now feel free to create in my own style.

Deanna Fenton

Kay and the Artful Giving Community has allowed me to explore my creativity and learn more about the philosophies of Kaizen and Ikigai. Because of the wonderful art and mind skills we practice, I'm able to infuse creativity in my business branding to set myself apart from others.

Piper Sangston

Over the past year of quarantine and great change in the world, one thing remains steady and true-art with Kay. When faced with loneliness and isolation, being part of this art community has opened us to kindness, creativity, and connections. Self-care is only possible with the umbrella of community care to keep us alert and inspired. Kay provides us a way to emote, explore and value each other and our art creations.


Become a Monthly Member Today!

Here's what you get when you join the Artful Giving Community:

  • Fun and Creative Live Zoom Workshops 6X year with Kay Hirai
  • Access to Online Course with Weekly Demos, Idea-Sharing, and Replays of Live Workshops
  • Weekly Prompts on how to make something new and exciting or take a deeper dive into the philosophy of life-long learning and the art of giving
  • Private Members-Only, Ad-Free Community to Connect & Share that'll help you grow by exchanging ideas with one another
  • Plenty of Access to Your Guide Kay Hirai for Q&A time and ongoing support, inspiration & encouragement!

Become a member today for only $15/month!

And don't worry -- if you don't enjoy being a member of the Artful Giving Community, you can cancel your membership at any time.


Meet Kay Hirai

Kay Hirai is the founder of Studio 904 Hair Designs, an award winning hair salons that utilizes innovative business concepts that creates a win for the employees, customers and the community. She is a respected business leader, author, coach, artist and a philanthropist. Kay’s passion is to help women entrepreneurs realize their dreams by sharing the wisdoms she gained during her 40 years of building a socially responsible business. Whether you are an artist, a busy professional, a new business owner or a self-proclaimed seeker, learning with Kay will lead you into your own journey of transformation.  To learn more about her life and works, visit: www.keikokayhirai.com

Experience the Meditative Way of Watery Hearts

An example of projects from the Artful Giving Community


Join the Artful Giving Community Today!

As many of you know, I am a person who has combined business, art, and philanthropy to create beautiful things that others can enjoy. The idea of reaching out and offering this unique monthly membership really excites me because the possibilities and the connections that can ultimately can be made are endless.

If you are someone who shares my vision and you're excited to get started, I hope that you will join me in building this community!


More Examples of Projects